Artist Statement

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It occurs to me that language is a dying art form in and of itself.  Since their inception, words have been incredibly powerful.  Whether in the form of lyrics, poetry, a story, a speech, or as simple as a compliment or insult, what we say can have a profound effect upon the directed recipient.  It seems that we are constantly searching for an effortless, more effective way to get our point across without having to truly speak our minds.  Today we communicate through acronyms and emojicons in lieu of eloquently assembled thoughts and sentences, which ultimately leaves too much room for interpretation.   My current series parallels this idea as I intentionally let the words get lost in the paint, leaving only abstraction.  Perhaps this is my preferred method of communication, leaving the observer with a visual catalyst to ultimately incite his or her own dialogue. 

While living in Tokyo I discovered my passion for photography and I've been slowly merging both mediums ever since.  I'm in the middle of a never-ending series of landscape shots that tend to focus on all of the natural beauty I've been blessed to witness.  I'm constantly searching out new locations in hopes that I'll get that perfect light, angle, subject matter, and composition.  As with artwork, a good photo should do more than capture a moment, it should illicit an emotional response.  

I'm working under the notion that nothing is off limits.  Art is, or at least should be, the truest form of free expression through a variety of instruments. 

                                    -Aaron Stansberry



Life - 1978-present

Portland State University - 2001-2003

PCC - 2000-2001

Art Institute of Portland - 1999-2000




Art Unified - Los Angeles, CA

Basic Space Gallery - Portland, OR

Bosco Hong - Hong Kong



2018 - Basic Space Gallery - Portland OR

2018 - Music For Your Eyes - Orange County Center for Contemporary Art - Santa Ana, CA

2018 - LA Art Show - Art Unified Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017 - SOFA - Art Unified Gallery, Chicago IL

2017 - Wordplay - Partners Gallery, Fort Bragg, CA

2017 - Mark Making - Saatchi Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2016 - Westfield Pop up - Studio City, CA

2016 - Art Unified Live Art Supper - G2 Gallery, Venice, CA

2016 - NMS Leasing Gallery - Santa Monica, CA

2015 - Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery - Bergamont Sation, Santa Monica, CA

2015 - The Compound - Culver City, CA

2015 - LA Magazine Featured Artist - Marina del Rey, CA

2015 - Cappellini / Poltrona Frau - Beverly Hills, CA

2013 - Annual Benefit Auction - Gallery 825 - West Hollywood, CA

2013 - Esprit Art Walk - Marina del Rey, CA

2012 - Annual Benefit Auction - Gallery 825 - West Hollywood, CA

2011 - Art Platform - Los Angeles, CA

2010 - "Arts and Gastronomy" - The Library Hotel - Koh Samui, Thailand

2010 - "Work" - Art Front Gallery - Los Angeles, CA




Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - Artist Interview

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series / Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation - Selected artist

360 Magazine - Art Issue - 3 page feature 

Artist Showcase Watchlist - ArtSlant LA 

"A Holiday Heist" - Stardust Pictures 

Artist Portfolio Magazine

LA Magazine - Featured artist

Volume Magazine - Arts in Thailand

Beyond Magazine Publication

Thai Air Publication



NMS Properties - Santa Monica, CA

Cappellini / Poltrona Frau - Beverly Hills, CA

Morrow Visuals - Seattle, WA

Theater Square - Petaluma, CA

The Library Hotel - Koh Samui, Thailand

Lele Hawaii - Kona, HI

Stardust Pictures - Los Angeles, CA

Esprit MDR - Marina del Rey, CA

F.A.C.E - Los Angeles, CA

Bryson Square - Atlanta, GA